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January 05 2015


The way to Rank Onpage Among Google The Faster Way


OK, eventually everybody starts looking into ranking on Google. Which is understandable, that vast search results traffic is pure gold. - Mission Viejo SEO

This article will talk about not only ranking though, but ranking fast. Because you know, it's not that cool to consider the two of you months to push your article for the first page of Google

Let's dive towards the meat:

1 Buy a specialist domain

You might already have such of course, if you are doing - perfect. Or even, you'll have to purchase one. Or if you can't stand spending money (that isn't that smart), there are several other options like:

- publishing to a public high authoritative domain (article directory sites, or public blogs)

- guest posting

Something is for sure though, you have to publish this post to some high authoritative domain. Authority is the one and many important a part of ranking fast.

Now with that article you may attempt to rank:

2 Write an extremely long post to position on the search engines

When I say long, I mean an article somewhere around 3 000 words. Search engines love them for a number of reasons, such as long posts are supposed to answer the hunt term better, people like them better, even though some will say nobody has time to read this type of long post.

However I will show you the reality show that people not only have plenty of time to learn them, but like and share long post a lot more.

So Search engines love them, people like them and you must put time to the article you'll try to rank and make it of sufficient length to position faster onpage certainly one of Google.

Statistics show most posts which can be on the first page of Google have reached least 1 000 words long.

Something else can be a You Tube video, you must shoot a relevant video around the article topic and include it within the article. Which is one major advantage if you do it. If you do not like marketing with video much, just find a relevant video and embed it. And link returning to it needless to say.

3 Get plenty of all types of backlinks

That's right, although high PR backlinks are gold, you cannot expect to do good in the event you only get such. No, you need spammy backlinks too.


Because Google finds it pretty weird having only high PR backlinks pointing returning to your post and does not rank it.

If you have an assortment of all sorts of links though rapid ejaculation an entire different story, and you don't have to be worried about getting penalized, since authoritative domains automatically justify all the links they get.

Which means you need diversified backlinks pointing for your post.

4 Shoot a relevant video and post it for you Tube

After you accomplish that, optimize it, that only means to name it properly, position the right tags and write a brief description including the keyword within it.

Then backlink that video much the same way since your main article.

Getting dozens of backlinks?

You will notice that after you follow the link down the page. - Mission Viejo SEO

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